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“Third Rome” Update: KGB Moscow “Patriarchate” Priest Blesses Statue of Stalin

Moscow is not the “Third Rome”, as some quite misguided Catholics (!!!) say — it is just the third Moscow. The first was the czarist anti-Catholic one; the second, the Soviet anti-Christian one; and the third, the current, also anti-Catholic one. In all three versions, the Catholics of Ukraine (and Poland/Lithuania, whenever occupied) were the greatest victims.

For decades, the Moscow “Patriarchate” has been just a religious arm of the KGB (“FSB”), as it became clear once again this week in the bizarre event in which an “Orthodox” priest blessed a huge statue of… Stalin, 

The religious justification for him was that Stalin’s persecution was great because it led to so many millions of martyrs — not a joke:

So, there you go: as bad, and as filled with despair , the situation in the Catholic Church may be, it still is not a creepy KGB unit. Becoming Eastern “Orthodox” is becoming an accomplice of the KGB.