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Javier Milei Elected President of Argentina in a Repudiation of Francis and Peronism by the People of Argentina


Javier Milei, a Catholic libertarian and outspoken critic of Pope Francis, has been elected President of Argentina over a Peronist candidate in a stunning, double-digit upset win. Milei stated that Pope Francis “has an affinity for murderous communists” and accused him of violating the Ten Commandments. Some Westerners thought these comments might hurt Milei in Argentina, Francis's home country. instead, Milei's aggressive criticisms of Pope Francis carried him to an upset victory.

Since Francis became Pope a decade ago, Argentina has seen record disaffiliation among Catholics, with growing numbers saying they do not trust Church leaders. Now, we have vivid confirmation that Francis is wildly unpopular in his home country.

Milei defeated the Peronist candidate Sergio Massa. Francis's affinity for Peronism has been well documented. The core tenet of Peronism will be familiar to traditional Catholics who have lived under Francis's papacy: "To the friend, everything. To the enemy, not even justice!" Let us pray that Milei's election as President of Argentina will be a foretaste of a larger repudiation of this most un-Catholic philosophy.