Rorate Caeli

The death of Spain
step by step

Controversy abounded at the traditional feast of Corpus Christi in Toledo this Thursday. Because, despite the tradition, the military serving in the city, belonging to the Infantry Academy, could not grant military honors to the Blessed Sacrament, displayed in the Custodia de Arfe, due to the entry into force of the new Rules of Military Honors that [Socialist] Minister Carmen Chacón adopted a few weeks ago.

The Pioneers Squad received the Custodia de Arfe in full uniform, only because they received special permission from Chacon on Wednesday, and carrying only the sword. The military did not carry the Spanish flag, as they traditionally do, or remained in military position in front of the [Sacrament].
The same Spanish Socialist government recently approved the law, duly signed by the Bourbon monarch, making abortion a "right".