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New ICRSP mission in Brussels

Just a few months after granting a permanent home to the FSSP in his Archdiocese of Mechlin-Brussels, Archbishop Léonard has now established a permanent place for the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICRSP). It is in the old Conventual Church of Saint Anne, in Léopold Wienerlaan 26, Watermaal-Bosvoorde (Watermael-Boitsfort), in the Brussels Capital Region. Canon W. Hudson was appointed Rector.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    More Trid. Masses, yay!

    Now I sincerely hope that this is not some policy that is working / intended to be against the FSSPX.


  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Very good but the problem in Belgium lies especially in the Diocese of Bruges and the Diocese of Gand. East and West Flanders, in other words, are the hole in the traditional armour. The other sees (Hasselt, Bruxelles, Liège, Namur, Tournai) have our Mass on the every-Sunday basis already. More and more is good but what is needed is an invasion of Bruges and Gand.


  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Before another thread was closed down, someone 'informed' me of the Mass at Kingston, Ontario. Yes, I knew all about it but I had been referring to EVERY-SUNDAY Latin Masses. The one at Kingston is only offered one Sunday per month. This is inadequate and I don't bother mentioning sees where the Mass is offered less then on the every-Sunday basis. Last time I checked, the obligation to assist at Mass applied every Sunday, not one Sunday per month. What are the people at Kingston supposed to do? Drive to Ottawa three Sundays out of four?


  4. Pray for Archbishop Léonard who is vilified by the secular newspaper for the mess created by his predecessor - Daneels.

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    PKTP: you seem to have very definite views about how other people should do things in their own countries. As someone on another continent altogether, it would sound better if you were less cocksure of what Belgians need to do. As these two cities are in the Flemish-speaking part of the country, someone who knows them will refer to them as Brugge and Ghent, rather than by their French names, which the locals do not warm to!

  6. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Dear Anon:

    The local Flemings presumably write 'Gent', not Ghent.

    Whatever names you prefer for them, the principles I refer to are sound and apply well to all countries. If you were to consult the Code, you would see that the one Church exists in each local diocese. Each diocese is a section of God's People, one no more or less than another.

    While it is true that more Masses in Brussels is wonderful, it is very concerning that access to the ancient Mass has been very poor in Flanders in particular, especially in Bruges and Gand. Formerly, this could also be said of Anvers--or Antwerpen, if you prefer. Access to the ancient Mass has been much better on the whole in the Francophone areas of Belgium. Well, the Church is the same everywhere and Francophones should not be treated better in Belgium than are Flemings; nor should the faithful of Liège be treated better than are the people in Ghent.

    The same is true of my own country or any country. So use the little grey cells to greater effect the next time you engage in critical commentary. "Summorum Pontificum" is for all equally and everywhere.


  7. Patrick6:17 PM

    Auricularis, Archbishop Léonard should be vilified for continuing the mess created by his predecessors. He was instrumental in having Bishop De Kesel promoted to Bruges. He did not replace one single member of Cardinal Danneel's episcopal council. He appointed a heretical spokesman etc. And some shocking information about this very chapel of Couvent Saint-Anne: only just in October last year, Archbishop Léonard bluntly dismissed a request by several local parishinoners who besought him to resist attempts to disuse the chapel. This is from the horse's mouth, as I know one of the persons who met him to plead for the chapel to remain a place of worship. The Archbishop changed his mind only after the nuncio intervened.


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