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The IKEA altar

The High Altar of the Cathedral of Saint Vincent, in Viviers (Ardèche):

And the new "contemporary altar", recently placed in front of it, en bois et verre... Très cool! At least, it seems to be movable,  like a makeshift altar. It is very appropriate for the celebration of that which a famous German Cardinal once called "une fabrication, produit banal de l'instant".
[Tip: Le Forum Catholique; Source: Le Journal de "Mesnil-Marie"]


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    What a revoltingly ugly monstosity!!

  2. Looks a bit like a headsman's block.

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Stunning- proper Counter-Reformation Catholicism. The Church Militant in full glory

  4. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Looks more like a credence table

  5. This altar goes against natural law.

    So if someone even thinks that it is appropriate, he is sinning as is someone who killed his parent is sinning.

  6. Love the folded paper to keep it level. Maybe it will conveniently fall one day.

  7. Igumen Gregory1:37 PM

    Well at least it would be easy enough to destroy. Things are not always bad!

  8. Benedicta2:53 PM

    I miss not seeing the "simple" wood table in the front that we now call "altar"... (it's a joke)

  9. Igumen Gregory - yup! A bonfire of the banalities / inanities / profanities, maybe?

  10. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Can we get a translation of the original blog post from Le journal du “Mesnil-Marie”?

    I would love to hear an explanation from the people who commissioned and designed this horror.

  11. Anonymous3:39 PM

    The original altar is truly glorious.

  12. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Looks a bit like a headsman's block.

    It should someday be put to use for that purpose.

  13. Anonymous3:52 PM

    A new standard of ugliness, the absolute opposite of the Benedictine liturgical revival.

  14. Why does the rector of the cathedral even allow that '70s condominium coffee table to sit in the sanctuary of a Catholic church?

  15. Anonymous9:17 PM

    There appears to be a tiny cross on a metal pin sticking out of the groove. How disgraceful that the cross (I cannot see a corpus) is out of sight of everyone and level with the celebrant's knees. In other words, out of sight of everyone. This is another example of the disdain that many in the Church nowadays have for their Saviour.

    Where will it end?

  16. Anonymous12:00 PM

    How long will this indignities against Our Lord go on?

  17. Looks like an old-time bathtub.

  18. Anonymous11:03 PM

    For what it is worth, you can get a Google-translation of the page via this Google link:

    More so than the "Ikea-Cranmer" table that a poor removalist obviously placed by accident in the sanctuary instead of the presbytery's bathroom, I sadly note the "slippery slope" flooring construction behind it, which covers the steps of ... the precious and irreplaceable high altar!

    Was this too a terrible accident? Could the workmen not understand French? Or was this not also an accident, but rather some kind of conspiratorial French Revolution style protest against the goodly bishop?

    Indeed, it seems that the poor deacon and subdeacon will certainly have a rough time of it at the next Solemn High / Pontificial Mass in this cathedral, until this travesty is urgently corrected!

    Prayers will be offered for the bishop and the clergy of this diocese from the other side of the world.

    In Jesu et Maria.

  19. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I think that IKEA has better furniture as this !

  20. You are right. There is no way an IKEA-designed altar would look like this...


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