Rorate Caeli

Two new traditional calendars now available

Rorate has been sharing -- not really reviewing but passing along -- some very well-done traditional Catholic liturgical calendars for 2014. Here are the latest two that appeared in our anonymous home mailbox. This is pretty self explanatory, so we will simply share some photos (please excuse the morning sun beaming in on them) and links to purchase. There's a few more pics, just click "read more" after the first picture:

The Angelus Press 2014 calendar is on the left, and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter's (FSSP) is on the right. The theme for Angelus Press is "The Immaculate, Queen of All Hearts" while the Fraternity's is "Martyrs of the Faith."

Here are some additional photos.

To order the Angelus Press calendar, click here. To order the FSSP calendar, click here

         (How the FSSP defines days of fast/abstinence) 

(How tAngelus Press defines days of fast/abstinence)