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The Purge will hit new levels - they know they are in a race against time

¡ Bienvenidos a Siberia !
A couple of Italian papers have mentioned it during the weekend and also this Monday (Il Messaggero; Corriere della Sera; Il Secolo XIX). As a punishment for his defense of the orthodox faith against the subversive and heretical attempts of his fellow countryman Walter "A Good African is a Quiet African" Kasper and his position of firm resistance before and during the Synod, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Müller, would be sent to Siberia. Sorry, to Germany. 

There are at least two major Sees available in Kirchensteuerland: Berlin, vacant, and his own hometown of Mainz, whose bishop, the Kasperite Cardinal Lehmann, is almost 79 by now.

This should open a wide path for the also widely rumored complete dismantling of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith so that it might become an inefficient ornament.

Müller was never a traditionalist, far from it, but there is no doubt he has shined in his position, because he completely incarnated what it means: defending the Catholic and Apostolic Faith of the Roman See, not his own theological views. But since now even the plain words of that very bright and sunny document by Pope John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, are suddenly considered lines of darkness and obscurity, no one is safe.

Speaking of Papa Wojtyla, all reports (in Italian daily Il Secolo XIX this Monday) and rumors also converge in one direction: the new stage of the current purge will not stop at the Ratzingerians (such as Burke or Müller), but would now reach the Wojtylians as well. All conservative Poles in the Curia, and their allies, will be removed when the Curial reform takes place. Their offices could be simply extinguished or merged, and the new leadership would certainly be of a new (actually old liberal) kind.

This, however, gives us great hope: no people in the world has suffered more purges than the great people of Poland. And they always come back. Always. The men in charge know they have a relatively short time-frame (in terms of Church history) to remake the Church. But each one of us knows the generations of priests who are coming of age. We know them in our parishes, chapels, and oratories. They are not simply the sons of large rural families who ended up entering seminaries and religious orders almost automatically, who formed so many generations of great priests, but some of whom lost the faith (and even left the priesthood) amid the post-conciliar chaos. They are men who chose to do so against all easier and more comfortable options of the contemporary world, who actually believe in God, who were deeply inspired by John Paul II, who may not be traditionalists (as Wojtyla certainly wasn't) but who are confidently conservative. 

The men in charge are taking a huge risk: they are bringing the pendulum to their side almost to breaking point. When it moves to the other side, the reaction (yes, reaction) will be so strong and loud and clear they will regret their playing with the Eternal Truth. Liberals, we know most of you don't believe in God, but indeed He does exist: and "Be not deceived, God is not mocked." (Galatians 6:7)