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Video Suggestion: "Archbishop Lefebvre - A Documentary" online

From a reader:

Many are aware of the role of French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre as the consecrator of bishops in the events that took place in Écône, Switzerland, on June 30, 1988, in a climate of extreme tension with the Holy See. What is less well known is his work as the most important character of the Church in the continent where its growth is truly explosive in our age -- Africa -- in the crucial decades of deconolization, and that he set in place around forty dioceses in the continent, before being a leading figure during the Second Vatican Council.

The documentary on the life of Abp. Lefebvre was produced in 2012. Its premiere took place in the largest theater in Paris (the Grand Rex), in the presence of over 2500 viewers. The film presents the life of the most well known figure that defended the traditional Missal, and it is filled with archival recordings that had never before been seen. It is not intended as a hagiography, but as a earnest presentation of the man and his times, regardless of how one judges his actions.

The film is now available below online in its entirety, and it can be purchased online here.

Rorate first reviewed this documentary in 2013 (see here). It deserves to be better known --  it has been available for a couple of weeks online, and you can help meet the costs of production by purchasing it.