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Solemn High Mass in Charlotte, NC


2. On Thursday, July 26, 2012, at 7:00pm, there will be a Solemn High Mass in honor of the Feast of St. Ann, the patroness of St. Ann Roman Catholic Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. His Excellency, Bishop Peter Jugis will be in attendance in choir. 

Address: Saint Ann Roman Catholic Church
3635 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209
Phone: 704-523-4641


P.K.T.P. said...
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Matthew Rose said...


With respect to Montana, you might contact Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, who writes the blog New Theological Movement (new theological movement dot blogspot dot com, it is linked in the sidebar). He is a priest of the Great Falls diocese and has mentioned that he offers the TLM and prefers it to the novus ordo.

Friend of FUS said...


Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville has a TLM one Sunday a month and 2-3 Sat's a month during the school year. Last year's schedule is at the link below and this year's schedule has not been published yet.

P.K.T.P. said...

Friend of FUS:

Yes, I was aware of those at the Franciscan U. of Steubenville. But some students there have been trying for ages to get an every-Su. T.L.M. at the University or at St. Peter Parish Church nearby. The determined among them must have to drive to another diocese each Sunday.


Throckmorton P. said...

Mexico or further south?

Una Voce of GA said...

Troy Alabama,Mobile Diocese, has a priest who says a low mass weekly on his day off (Tuesday ?)He has had a couple of high masses on Sundays this year

P.K.T.P. said...

Ladies and Laddies:

I am looking for reports of every-Sunday Masses. Tuesday Masses are just lovely but the liberals don't mind granting those, since they don't fulfil the Sunday obligation. What they really want, in their nasty little hearts, is to force the New Mass on us. It is less about us having our Mass than it is about forcing us to swallow their nonsense. That's why I'd go to an Eastern Divine Liturgy always before I'd got to an N.O.M., even one in Latin versus solem orientem. Our watchword evermore should be: Just say NO to the N.O. If I am ever forced to go to an N.O., I try to go one said in a languague I don't understand, like Vietnames, Swahili, Malayalam, Croatian, or Welsh.


Anthony Reb said...


There are plenty of opportunities to reiterate how dire the situation is in the Church. This is not one of them. Accordingly, I find your initial response as useless as teats on a boar hog. North Carolina, I am sure, realizes that it certainly needs more Latin Masses, but they are none the less proud of what they have achieved by God's grace. If you would be willing to publish a brief biography of yourself and your mission then we, the members of the "Repugnant Republic", might be willing to work a little more closely with you and your fact finding project. In the meantime, Congrats to the fine fellows working hard in N.C.

Selfish said...

P.K.T.P. - I'm no longer satisfied with only Sunday TLMs. Call me a discontent!

Just looking for equal time, not to mention that I want the Mass of All Time every day of the week.

Lily said...

A beautiful church in Louisiana that offers the TLM every Sunday at 1:00 p.m., is St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Carencro, Louisiana. The church is positively stunning. TLM is also offered on days of obligation throughout the year. Below are photos. Below that is a TLM information center website for that area offered by Mr. Casey Dupre.

Henry Edwards said...

Agreed, Anthony Reb. A TLM, either every Sunday for the local faithful, or a glorious special occasion Mass with a wider effect, is news. No Mass somewhere is not news, serves no useful purpose, and when repetitious, is nothing but a tedious bore.

I am not Spartacus said...

Kudos to the always outstanding FSSP whose Confraternity is always happy to acquire new members for those who love the Traditional Mass and who recognise that full communion with the Pope is the sine qua non of Catholicism

Coetus Fidelium said...

I am not sure PKTP (Mr. Parker) deserves such scorn. I for one appreciate his commentary.

I can confirm his premise that the situation in NC is moving waaaaay too slow. The priests and bishop here seem intent on blocking the will of the Holy Father. They are stuck in the 1970's with an indult mentality. There is overwhelming support for the Mass among the laity, but it remains suppressed (very limited at best).

According to the federal immigration service, only 9 percent of hispanics living in the US do not speak English, yet in the Diocese of Charlotte, there are more than 70 spanish language mass options each Sunday. Yet there isn't one option for a regular Sunday morning Latin Mass. Even the sodomites have more options in Charlotte than traditionally minded Catholics.

There is a SSPX apostolate in Charlotte. I imagine that if/when the SSPX are normalized, the Bishop will come around.

Pray, pray, pray!!!

backtothefuture said...

I wish the fssp had a presence in the NY, CT area. Sadly the closest tlm non sspx is over an hr away. I'm really getting tired of my parish on sundays. At mass during the week I can tolerate it more because the folks are more reverant.

Jordanes551 said...

PKTP (Mr. Parker)

Mr. Perkins, you mean. Peter Karl T. Perkins. (I don't believe we've ever been granted the grace of knowing what the T stands for.)

Sid Cundiff said...

Whatever truth Coetus Fidelium has in his comment above -- and there is very little in it -- the statement "The priests and bishop here seem intent on blocking the will of the Holy Father" is false, misinformative, and borders on defamation.

Both bishops in North Carolina are very obedient and devoted to Holy Father. Both bishops support the Extraordinary Form, the one in Raleigh even having appointed a special delegate for the EF, the one in Charlotte -- as readers can see in this very notice from Rorate Caeli -- not only supporting the EF but also will be present Thursday at St. Ann, Charlotte, for the Missa Solemnis, and for the second year in a row. As for priests blocking the will of Holy Father, Coetus Fidelium knows perfectly well that it is pastors, not priests, who decide if there is to be an EF. He also knows that there was a Sunday EF in Mt. Airy, and that has been terminated NOT by any ill-will to EF, but because the pastor has been moved to be pastor at Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro; and Bishop Jugis has appointed this strong supporter of the MEF to be pastor at one of the most prestigious churches in the Charlotte diocese. Coetus Fidelium knows also that this pastor just got there and is getting his feet on the ground. The lack of a Sunday MEF is likely to be only temporary.

And to suggest that there are Mass opportunities for "sodomites" is a lie, pure and simple, and defames both NC dioceses.

Let me set the real facts before readers. No bishop or pastor is stuck in the indult mentality. Many pastors and priests in NC would like to learn the EF and offer it. More MEFs are in the pipeline because of a number or recently ordained who know the EF.

The truth is the ONLY blockade in the last five years to the EF in North Carolina has come from a tiny handful of malcontents who have treated priests like trash, even to the point of being physically threatening, to say nothing of practicing general mendacity, as I have demonstrated. And thus this Coetus of malcontents has given MEFers a bad repute in the opinion of some clergy. I too think the progress of the MEF is slower than I would like. The reason for this slowness, in my experience, is people like Coetus Fidelium.

Malta said...

Unti recently, I lived near St.Anne's, and have great respect for the priest there! Their new church is very pretty and traditional.

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear Mr. Cundiff. It is great to see your name and to read your opinions. To every site you have ever contributed to as a write-backer, you have made worthy and important contributions.

It did my heart well to see that you are alive and well.

Hilltop said...

Mr Cundiff's refutation of Coetus Fidelium's screed is spot-on. Both NC Dioceses are comitted to the EF. More progress has been made in Charlotte, I believe, but there is strong interest among the priests in both Dioceses, and in both dioceses these priests have positions of responsibility both in parishes and in the diocesan offices.

Dr. Timothy J. Williams said...

I know for a fact that the Diocese of Steubenville, OH, was once offered two FSSP priests. (The then Superior told me himself.) And the bishop said "No, it would cause confusion for the faithful during this period of downsizing." Yes, the Mass is occasionally offered at Franciscan University, but only a few times each semester, from September through May. I believe the most the diocese has ever offered (at St. Peter's Church) in any one year was about eight total. The Mass is never offered on any Holy Days, and never during the summer months. Heck, it's vacation, isn't it?

Sid Cundiff said...

I thank Hilltop for his supporting report. And I greet and salute "I am not Spartacus", and I thank him for his kind words, recalling the happy days when we both met in a Greek cafe!

Coetus Fidelium said...

Mr. Cunif et. al.,

Be at peace. You may be arguing against something that wasn't said. For an observer of a situation to say that it "seems" a particular way, that doesn't really rise to the level of defamation. It is really nothing more than the perception of one observer.

But since a few people have read more context into that sentence than what I intended, it seems prudent to retract that comment in the name of Christian charity.

Maybe it is more appropriate to say that many Catholic priests and bishops still view the Latin Mass with an (pre-SP) indult frame of mind. I maintain that this is not in union with the clearly worded intent of the Holy Fathers instruction.

Fidus et Audax said...

'At mass during the week I can tolerate it more because the folks are more reverant."

Exactly, I go to mass on Sundays and I see women dressed in the usual mini skirts, spagetti strap, plunging necklines. etc and guys in shorts and t shirts. I'm so over this crap I don't even notice it anymore.

Paul S. said...

The regular sources (and UVAAY, though it is gently out-of-date, right now) should be consulted for information on every-Sunday TLMs in Michigan.

In addition to those, the next month includes all of these celebrations, documented in Unam Sanctam Catholicam's post Extraordinary Form on the March in Michigan! .

In addition to those Masses mentioned at U.S.C., there are also at least three First Friday TLMs, in various parts of the state:
Sacred Heart, Imlay City - 3:00 p.m.
St. Anthony of Padua, Hillsdale - 7:00 p.m.
St. Josaphat, Detroit - 7:00 p.m.

Minimally Catholic said...

It looks like Coetus Fidelium wasn't wrong after all... the sodomites do have more options in Charlotte than traditional Catholics:

Why in the world would Bishop Jugis not suppress this "gay mass". Not suppressing such an abomination is a form of implicit support.

Prayers of reparation are needed here.